After our training in Katerini we are back to Elexalde school

How has our back to IES Elexalde been after our first short-term staff event? Well, quite productive and unforgetful. We had a very interesting training to improve our project.

We have set up agreements with Katerini school teachers and we have examined the project, assessment and tasks in detail, assigning responsabilities.

The training about eTwinning and flipped classroom was very interesting to be incorporated to the project.

And let’s not forget the warm welcome from Katerini school, Staff board and students. We are looking forward to welcome them, arms wide open.

How has the week been? Busy preparing the presentation of the project to I.E.S Elexalde for School staff and School board.

We have prepared a powerpoint explaining the reason of the project, the objectives, participants, partners’city and school, eTwinning School staff training, project development, the schedule and dissemination by town hall.

I will uplod them in eTwinning to be consulted by anyone interested.
What wil wel do next week?

Next week, the eTwinning training for School staff will take place.
There will be two sessions. On 5th November for the teachers of the pedaogical team .It will deal with eTwinning and our project in eTwinning.
The second one will be on November 12th for the rest of School staff.

– Posted by GEMMA GUTIÉRREZ, 29.10.2018