Presentation of the project to School Staff and School Board

Presentation of the project «Discover and share your identity mark» to School Staff and School Board. We have shared a PowerPoint with all of them. 

An approach to the project. What the project is about. The reason of presenting it is as it is and to pay homage to it what better than a project about it?

We have also explained to them the objectives of it and an introduction of our partners: Katerini School, Katerini town and above all, the students who participate in it. We have encouraged them to visit and work together in our blog eTwinning and Instagram.
We have made them participants in our short-term joint staff training event and animate them to take part in the second -term joint staff meeting when Katerini teachers visit us.

We have looked through the project schedule and the tasks designed by the Pedagogical team.

Students exchange has also been discussed and to finish, the project dissemination by Galdakao town hall.


– Posted by GEMMA GUTIÉRREZ, 30.10.2018