Unforgetful visit to Bizkaia Irratia on 27th November 2018


Today we have been interviewed on the radio» Bizkaia Irratia». The coordinator Gemma Gutierrez and three students Mei Torres, Ane Aguirre and Ibon Fernandez have been on the radio today

The first question has been about Erasmus+. They knew about Erasmus at university, but they didn’t know that there was an Erasmus + at schools. The coordinator Gemma Gutiérrez has explained how two or more European schools decide to present a project and then, there is some criteria to decide which project will be chosen and how our project was selected and the decision of working on Basque and Greek heritage.

They have also wanted to know why our choice was Greece and Gemma has explained that the Latin teacher knew a school in Greece which was interested in taking part in it so we presented the project together.

They have also been interested about the mobilities the project includes. First, I have explained the teachers’ mobilities and then the students’ ones. I have described the purpose of our visit to Greece and what Greek teachers will do in our school. I have also pointed out the importance of students’ implications in the project.

Besides, they have asked us about the activities we have been done and our students have explained to them the logo competition, the Basque sports activities and have insisted that we are at the beginning of the project and there will be more activities to be carried out.

They have wanted to know what our students knew about Katerini and Greece and they have told them that Katerini is in Mount Olympus and have said a few words they have learnt in Greek.

We have promised them that we will come back after the students’ mobilities and at the  end of the project.

Here our students  comments on it.

«It has been very funny and I won’t forget easily and a good opportunity to talk about the project»
«At the beginning I was very nervous but then I like it , it has been a good opporty to talk about the project»
«Very good experience and besides, I have said a few words in Greek»