Tug of war Ancient Greece in common with a Basque sport

 Do you know that tug of war was practiced as a competition and as a physical exercise in order to train for another sports? You will be surprised to learn that it was practised in ancient Greece.

Tug of the world is a sport that directly pits two teams against each other a test of strength.
In ancient Greece the sport was called helkustinda (Greek: ἑλκυστίνδα), efelkustinda (ἐφελκυστίνδα) and dielkustinda (διελκυστίνδα), which derives from dielkō (διέλκω), meaning amongst others «I pull through», all deriving from the verb helkō (ἕλκω), «I draw, I pull.
Tug of war games in ancient Greece were among the most popular games used for strength and would help build strength needed for battle .