The mural of the project has been placed in our school

The students have placed the mural of the project on the wall. All the activities of the project will be placed on it. The first one will be Basque sports/ Greek ancient sports.

The mural is the amazing journey of two years that our students start full of enthusiasm. During this journey they will discover their own heritage, share it with the Greek students and Greek students with us and will have their suitcases at the end of the project  packed with good experiences, new friends and knowledge of both cultures under a tolerance and respectful mind which will enrich them.

The first activities we have done Greek sports / Basque sports

The second activity language heritage 


The fourth activity Greek and Basque heritage 

P 8-9-10 Greek-Basque musical instruments and dances 




You can also listen to the video the volunteers have prepared about the personalised letters of it.
Each letter represents part of our heritage and Greek one.
Enjoy it!!!