Elexalde students enjoy their visit to the Basque language House

We took students to the Basque language House to learn about the origins of the Basque language. It was a very interesting trip and with all the information they received did their activities.

The visit wasa trip to understand how the Basque language has endured over 6,000 years and how it has evolved through the different periods of Roman conquest and the medieval wars, right up to the present day.
It is a language isolate, it has no known  relatives anywhere in the world. This has led to a number of hypothesis about its origin.
They listened to the different dialects, learnt how the words are constructed and discoverd what makes  a living language.
They shared with our Greek partners all the most curious, unusual and amazing characteristics of the Basque language.
After the visit, they participated on a digital comic competition and they  created their own comic stories.
After the visit they did all their activities related to the Language Heritage and they can be read on the webpage in the section activities & results.
language house 1
basque house 2
language 3
picture language 3

The visit to the Language House

A very interesting video