C3 short joint staff training meeting in Galdakao

We welcomed the Greek teachers to our school Elexalde in Galdakao to carry out some training sessions related to dissemination and assessment of the project

On Sunday 12th 2019 , five teachers: Katerina Koutroupa, Maria Dampratzidou, Ioanna Goula,Anna Persidou and Iordanis Kyrailidis  from Katerini school in Greece will visit Elexalde school and will be with us for a week .
This activity C3 is a training meeting where asessment and dissemination of the project will be disscused. At the same time the Greek teachers will know our school, the Basque system of education and meet all the students who participate in the project. They will also visit Galdakao, some stunning  places of the Basque Country such as San Juan de Gastelugatze, Berneo, Mundaka, Urdaibai ,Gernika  and Bilbo. All of them are being worked in our project as our identity and heritage.
They will be welcome with an » aurresku» performed by five students of Elexalde who participate in the project. Some students of the school will also make an exhibition of an «eusku pilota  partidua» ( a Basque pilota match) .
They will also share a big lunch with all Elexalde staff and get to know 3 DBH Elexalde classes.
On Wednesday, they will eat in a «txoko» ( a typical gastronomy society)  named » umore ona» ( good humour) in Usansolo and discover the Baque cuisine which has been part of our project as heritage.
On Thursday, the major of Galdakao Ibon Uribe will meet us so we will explain to him our project and will have contact with the Greek teachers.
This short term  joint staff training meeting will strengthen the links between both schools and will be the second of the  mobilities included in the project.
Next year, our students will travel to Katerini in March and Katerini students will visit us in May to reinforce all the activities worked during the two years of the project.
To get more information about this mobility , please you can find it on this webpage session mobilities.

Video which summarises these training sessions in Galdakao.