Open Day : parents and students have gathered to enjoy the project

On Monday 17th June , the OPEN DAY of the project has taken place.  Parents and students who participate in the project have been invited to share all the ativities which have been carried out .

First, there has been a presentation of the project, the reason to present it, its objectives , the different platforms where the project can be found .

Then, we have shown them a video to summarise the activities done until now. Then, one by one has been described and parents and students have had the opportunity to enjoy with the videos we have created for them.


Second, students as ambassadors of the project have toured them through all the murals they have designed , describing all of them.

To end, we have met together to have a cup of coffee and taste some sweets to talk about the project. Parents have also assessed the meeting and students have surprised us with a Greek dance hasapiko .

We all have had a good time and laern a lot about the project!!1

We have given parents a brochure with information of the project as well as the activities we have done and the different platforms where it can be seen.


We have disseminated the project at school

 The slides of the project