February 3rd 2019 The International Day of The Basque Language

Today we are celebrating The International Day of The Basque Language .This day means an open window to the present and the future of the Basque Language.

Last year in our blog we explained why this day is celebrated on 3rd of December.
I invite you to read it and learn why.

In Elexalde BHI we have also celebrated this special day and we have organised different activities such as different games, two Basque dances, and two traditional Basque sports.

One  of the dances we have danced has been zazpi jauzi which we have also shared with our Greek partners. At the same time, this dance will be performed by students from both schools when Katerini students visit us.

Students have also competed in two traditional Basque sports » sokatira» and » txingak»

The Basque language  is part of our heritage and identity . Besides, Basque is the oldest living language in Europe.It is a lively and ancient language whose origin, today is still unknown.
We hope you enjoy today as we have done it!!

Students competing » txingak»

Students competing » sokatira»

Students are dancing zazpi jauzi 

Another traditional Basque dance