Activities & Results

Break the ice » The ice is soft so we can break it easily»

The objective of the activity is that students in both schools got to know each other .

First, in Elexalde school  they prepared some PowerPoints with presentations about themselves in order to share them with Katerini students . Once the presentations were done they edited the videos of the presentations.

In Katerini school, students were asked to say a few things about their interests, hobbies and families so as to give the opportubity to their Spanish peers to have an idea who they are and come a bit closer to them.

Finally, they presented themselves, their school and town and created a video to share it with Elexalde students.


Logo Competition

Students from Katerini and Elexalde school participated in the creation of the logo competition.

The objective of the activity was to make students participate and design the logo of the project as a trademark of it.

The activity was worked in the Art class.  After the creation of sketches , students started the creation of the logo.

Then we selected some logos in both schools. There was a commission of Greek teachers and Basque teachers, after establishing some criteria who decided the logo selected. It took place in Greece in C2 teachers´mobility .

The winner which was chosen was an owl which represented both schools ( Elexalde high school and our town  are represented by an owl) as well as greece  and the laurel wreath which represented Greece.

In Elexalde high school, we organised a celebration to give the prizes to the winners of the project.We started the ceremony with a presentation of the project to all students of 3 DBH and we presented to them the videos about Katerini school on the air and they listened to Katerini students´presentations, so they were virtually with us in the ceremony.

The winner who was astudent from Elexalde Maitane Molina was interviewed to explain why she chose that logo.

elexalde logo 1
Elexalde logo 2
Elexalde logo 3
Katerini logo 2

Volunteer work 

We  recruted volunteers for the project. There was a lot of work to be done and their help was very welcomed.

We placed a paper in all the classes of 3 DBH to ask for volunteers and we had a meeting and agreed to gather at break time.

We decided what type of tasks were necessary and distributed them according to volunteers´abilities.

They signed a compromise and they signed every time they met.

The first task was the personalised letters. Students created personalisesd letters according to the subjects related to the project.

They also created different murals, the Basque Mythology mural, the Logo Competition mural, the News, The Greek and Basque  Instruments, Bilbao step by step. And they helped place the mural of the project.

We have to mention the embassadors of the project who went to all the different classes of the high school explaining the project .



Basque sports/ Greek sports

Students learned, shared and showed the Greek students four rural Basque sports.

They  created tutorials explaining the rules and materials needed to play these sports and shared them with the Greek students.

The day of the exchange there was a competition.It was a virtual competition due to coronavirus 


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