Mobilities C5

C5 short-term students exchange virtual mobility 


Monday, 22nd March 2021


The C5 mobility started with a speech done by the coordinator Mrs Gutierrez. She thanked all the students in both schools for their participation in the mobility in spite of the circumstances and hoped they would enjoy it and the mobility would help build bridges between the newcomers to this mobility. 

Students of Katerini and Elexalde had to get to know each other and we organised a team building  with some icebreaking games.




We prepared a kahoot Who is who? We created some profiles of the students with the information they gave us about their hobbies, family and so on. We asked them a picture when they were one year old and a current one, They had to guess who was the student on the screen.


We organised a competion with some prizes at the end of the mobility.





After the game, we all danced together to relax.

And then we watched a virtual tour of Elexalde school 360 so Katerini students wore their VR  glasses to «walk around» Elexalde school and the town of Galdakao. And Elexalde students used their mobiles to walk around the school and Galdakao town.





Students in Elexalde also used their VR glasses in turns and they really enjoyed it .





The students edited  two videos about Elexalde school and Galdakao town. Here one of the videos can be seen.




In the 360 video students of both schools were virtually walking in their town and school.



The summary of all the activities carried out that day .

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021

During  this second day of the C5 mobility  we organised some workshops. Our students did them at Elexalde school and Katerini students at home. 

The first activity was cooking the best gilda. This is a traditional Basque recipe which was worked during the project. This activity was led by our student Ane Crespo. She explained to all the students the ingredients which are needed to cook it. She also made an introduction to explain why it is called gilda.




The Greeks did it at home following the instructions given by Ane and we edited all their preparations from home in this video.



Then we followed the day with a comic workshop about Basque mythological characters.




It was organised in each school and at the end of it we uploaded all the comics in a digital magazine. We used the applicacion comic strip for the creation of all of them. 




All the comics were kept in a digital magazine.

We chose one comic in each school and at the end of the mobility we gave prizes

Wednesday, 24th March 2021


This was the day dedicated to Basque sports. The Erasmus+ group organised a competition for all the students who participated in C5. 

The students competed in three Basque sports: txingak, sokatira eta lokotz biltzea. During the break of the comperition, students danced to relax.



Here the video of the Basque sport competitions which took place in Galdakao.

At the end of the competition there was a group led by two Erasmus + students from Batxiller which won .





Katerini students due to their lookdown, they carried out the activity in 11th May 2021.

They are all reday for the Basque sports competition




Katerini students carried out a Basque sports competion on five traditional Basque sports: weight carrying , cob corn gathering, sack carrying and sokatira

These are another activities which were carried out after C5 mobility 

Thursday, 25th March 2021

This day was planned to carry out a twinning activity with the Erasmus+ group of both schools. We had a problem in this mobility with Katerini Ersmus+ group. Last year they finished the secondary school so they had to move to another school to study. The new school didn’t give them permission for the mobility and besides, they were lockdown, so we did a Meet with them on Wednesday afternoon to gather all of us and to share our feelings about the project .

We saw the video «24 hours with» in which our students opened their homes to Greek families so that they could see how a day in our students’ lives was. This is a summary of all the videos done by the students. But each family had the one created  by the student who was in their homes.



After  they watched a video of 24 hours with, we watched the video of C4 mobility to remember the mobility in Greece one year ago. Then we all watched the virtual video of Bilbao 360 which was edited by some students from Elexalde Erasmus+ group.

Finally, students wrote their feelings and impressions of the project on a padlet.

Hecho con Padlet



In the morning Elexalde Erasmus+ group was received by Galdakao mayor. We explained the project to the mayor and students talked about their experience and feelings in their short term exchange in Greece.

Friday, 26th March 2021

This day took place in a different day because we wanted all the Greek students to be together at their school as they had been lockdown. Finally, they came back to school and we organised our goodbye.

We started watching the videos of the Basque traditional sport competions which took place in both schools in different days. In the Basque school the week  of the C5 mobilitiy and in the Greek school on the 10th May when they came back to their school after the lockdown.

Then we watched the video of Bilbao 360. The students of Katerini wore their VR glasses to watch it and Elexalde students used their mobiles. The students in both schools were walking virtually in Bilbao. A city which was worked in the project as the architectural heritage that has.


The mayor of Galdako sends a message to Katerini students. They couldn´t visit our town due to the oandemia so they invite them to come to Galdakao when the situation improves . He tells them that we will have our arms open to welcome them 


ceremony of kahhots and traditional Basque sports awards

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