The project

The project «Discover and share your identity mark» was  a two year and a half long project (2018-21) It was selected within Erasmus+ K229. The schools which participated were I.E.S Elexalde School, a secondary school in Galdakao (Basque Country) and a junior high school in Katerini (Greece).

The project aimed at opening our high schools to new realities, different from our local contexts through internationalisation.

It responded to the fact that as it was the European Cultural Heritage Year and we are European citizens , our students were enriched by learning their national identity as well as the one of another member of the European Community.

The project gave a good opportunity for both teachers and students to improve their English and the use of ICTs which were incorporated in the curriculum.

The teachers from different subjects participated to develop the different aspects of it. That is, cultural, natural , maritime and historical architectural heritage.

Impressions and feelings about the project

Two years and a half long trip