I.E.S. Elexalde B.H.I.


Katerini J.H.S.


Who are we?


I.E.S Elexalde B.H.I Galdakao, Biskay (Basque Country)

I.E.S Elexalde is a high school situated in Galdakao in the Basque Country.The school gives courses to 484 students from 11 years old to 18 years old. The number of school staff is 61 teachers

Katerini J.H.S. Greece

Katerini school is a comprenhensive JuniorHigh School ( ages 12-15). There are 35 teachers and 345 students at school.The subjects taught include: History, Language( Modern and Ancient Greek) , Literature, Foreign Languages ( English, French, German and Italian) , PE, Biology, Geography, RE, Science, Mathematics, Home Economics and ICT.