Mobilities C2

C2 First Short -Term Joint Staff Training Event in Greece ( Katerini) 

Monday, 15th October 2018

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On the first day of our Short-term joint staff training event the Spanish delegation (consisting of two teachers, Ms. Gemma Gutiérrez Peñafiel and Ms.IratxeCuñadoEgaña) was kindly welcomed by the host Greek team and was introduced to the Teachers’ Board of the 3rd Junior High School of Katerini.

At the beginning of the training event, the co-ordinator of the project Ms. Gemma Gutiérrez presented the assessment of the project. A discussion on the details of the project as well as on the budget management followed.

Next, the host team made a presentation about their school, their town and the Greek educational system. Some of the activities that are usually held in the school gave ideas for the Erasmus project.



During the break some of the Greek students with the teacher of Music sang three songs typical of Greece and another group of students danced to the music. That is considered to be an important part of the meeting as traditional Greek music and dances are included in the first year’s activities.

After the break we formed and signed an agreement report on how the two teams are going to work together throughout the two years of the project. The Spanish co-ordinator referred to the necessary documents needed for the Greek team’s mobility next May.


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The meeting ended with the discussion on how to bridge the different procedure with which the project will be worked out in the two schools. The Spanish school will incorporate the project in their Curriculum, whereas the Greek school will work with a team of students selected from different classes of the same Grade and will have the meetings after classes (as an extra-curricular programme).


Tuesday, 16th October 2018



As the 16th October is a local holiday in Katerini, we decided to spend the day visiting some of the places of interest included in the project. After the Spanish team attended some of the celebrations in the town centre, the Greek pedagogical team and the Spanish delegation set off to visit the archaeological site of Dion and the ancient theatre there.





We also visited Litohoro, a traditional village at the foot of Olympus Mountain and had a walk by Enipeas Gorge.




At 2 o’clock we had lunch in a seaside tavern in the area. We tasted traditional cuisine and danced traditional dances. We consider this event important as traditional cuisine and dances are also included in the project


Wednesday, 17th October 2018



The Spanish delegation and the Greek pedagogical team were trained on the use of the E-twinning Live and Twinspace. Initially Ms. Maria Dampratzidouand Ms. Anna Persidou(from the Greek pedagogical team) presented the E-twinning Live platform.

We were shown how to create accounts, how to invite contacts and members to our project. Then we navigated through the Twinspace of our project.


After being trained on how to use the platform of Twinspace (use of TwinMail, adding students and other teachers as members, editing the profile card, creating pages, posting on the Journal, creating a Live Event, uploading documents, videos and photos in the materials etc.) we discussed the organising of Twinspace.

Decisions on what will be included in the Pages and the Journal of the project’s Twinspace were taken. Finally, it was agreed that the Spanish pedagogical team will be trained on the use of E-twinning from the two Spanish teachers that attended the training sessions once they are back in Spain.





After the break, the group of Greek students participating in the project joined us, met the two Spanish teachers and Ms. Gemma Gutiérrez Peñafiel discussed with them the objectives of the projects as well as their expectations form it.



At 13:30 we visited the Headquarters of the Secondary Education Board of Katerini and talked with the Head of the Board, Mr.Kaztarid.

He informed the Spanish delegation about the school units of the area, who in turn informed him about the project.


Thursday, 18th October 2018


We finished the training on Twinspace and we continued with the presentation of the methodology of the Flipped Classroom. We were shown a video and we discussed how this technique works in an English class as the target is to use it for the implementation of the project.

There was reference to the idea of planning the didactic units for every single topic of the project, i.e. mythology, local history, language etc.

We also went through this year’s schedule of the project and agreed to have the same pace elaborating the materials, so that our students will be given the opportunity to discuss, exchange ideas and experience at teleconferences.

Finally, we created a file where we are going to keep all the documents and other materials. This file will be a shared one in Google Drive.

Friday, 19th October 2018

On the last day of the training we dealt with the logo of the project. Both partners presented the logos created by the students. The criteria for the selection of the best one were put on the table. Based on these criteria we voted for one of the Spanish logos and we agreed on some changes which must be made by the Spanish Art teacher with the students.


Finally we farewelled the Spanish delegation and renewed our appointment in flesh for next May.


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