The headmaster of Katerini school talks about the project.

The headmaster of Katerini  school  Mr Athanasios Konstantinou tells us  about the participation of Katerini school in the project  and the best moment of it.

Mr Konstantinou

The project was carried out successfully due to COVID 19

I think that the participation and personally mine in this project means exvhange of successful practices as well as enhancement of of the European dimenssion in Education, innovative didactic and learning approaches which aim at the enrichement of the Curricula and the learning envirotments so as they will become a gear for the improvement of the quality of the provided education. Also, my participaticipation in the project means the development of social and communicative skills,  collaboration and participation of us in the modern social being . 

Furthermore, it means development of the skill to communicate with the social envirotment both through the knowledge of the students mother tongue and the other languages and through the knowdlege about history, cultural traditions not only theirs but also the ones of the other religious, national and cultural groups.

Finally, it  means to me development of all students´ ability to work in groups and take advantage of the knowledge and skills with the aim of achieving certain tasks,

In three words I would say that the project means

multiculturalism, teamwork and values

I consider that the most important moment during the project  was your visit to our town and school where teachers and students sworked together and collaborated to carry out the project as it had been planned, prepared and scheduled by the teachers.

Another important  moment was putting up  the Basque students in oor students´homes as well as the activities carried out  in a difficult frame, this of COVID 19, because we, all of a sudden,found ourselves with the school closed at leat on our part, we welcomed you and did our best to make  real what we had planned.

I believe that the success of the project lies in the fact  that  the pedagogical team  and especially  Mrs Dabratzidou and  Mrs Mrs persidou followed the project with zeal, joy  and consistency and I hope that you noticed as well our correspondence.

We continue so as to complete the project no matter what. Thank you very much.

Mr Konstantinou told us what the partcipation of the project meant for him. He also defined the project in three words. And finally, he explained to us the most important moment of it.