Good food always brings all the family together

All the students of 3 DBH and their families cook together traditional Basque dishes. We invite you to cook them. You can fnd all of them on this web recipes.

All the Basque students ´families have cooked  together traditional Basque recipes . They have also helped their sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters cook their recipes.We would like to share them with the Greek families.We also encourage all of you to look at them and try to cook them in our blog section recipes.Thanks to all the families for taking part in this activity!!


sukaldaritza 1
cooking 2
Cooking 3
cooking 4

Here you can also read an article about the importance of the Basque cuisine , as part as our culture and traditions. We have also mentioned that we have something in common with our Greek partners related to the cuisine


bcc52015.png articulo cuisine