Visit to the Guggenheim museum. Being art critics

On Friday December 13th, students visited the Guggenheim museum and they became critic arts for a day.They followed the explanations given by a guide about the museum.

.All the information they received was used to prepare their activities.They chose nine different pieces of art , sculptures and building and gave a brief presentation of those pieces of art as well as the author of them . After their visit, they expressed their opinion about them, how they felt when they saw them, their impressions.

All the activities can be read on the webpage in the section activities&results.


When they visit us in May, both schools, the Greek and the Basque students will visit the museum and they will be given those critics to understand how our students saw those pieces of art and their feelings and we will ask them to write theirs as well.

Elexakde students also prepared sketches  of them.Then all the critics were collected in a digital newsletter and presented to all the classes so that the students who didn´t go to the visit could enjoy it and chose the one they  liked the most .

Guggenheim museum